The apparition of this bacteria can become a problem of confidence and a risk for health. Hidrotuit have own technicians for the maintenance of the risk installations. At present we give coverage to centres such as hospitals, geriatric centers, industry, buildings of risk in them sanitary water, sportive spaces and Wellness and Spas centers, ornamental fountains and in general, any installation or equipment that pulverize water.

Hidrotuit is a company accredited by the Generalitat de Catalunya for the prevention and control of Legionel·la with register number 5006CAT-LgT. Hidrotuit is accredited with the quality certificate CertLEGIO, acredited by the Association of Companies of Water Treatment  Aquaespaña, based in the norm UNE100030 which facilitates the identification of solvent companies in the matter.

Prevention and control of legionella

Realise the follow-up and the control of legionella as a valid rule adapted to each particular case. We have the technical managers and treatment technicians with the highest qualification to attend each installation whatever it was its dimension or difficulty.


Plans of self-supervision

Desing the plan of self-supervision to the needs of each installation and adapted to the situation of each customer.

The plans of self-supervision, apart from managing the legal requirements, optimize operational resources, minimize breakdowns and reduce energy and maintenance costs.


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