Water treatments

At Hidrotuit we assess and manage resources efficiently with the sustainability that requires such a valuable resource. The different applications that need treatment are studied and them solutions are proposed with turnkey projects. There is also the possibility of offering a comprehensive service that includes maintenance and monitoring.

We also distribute spare parts, components and products that our customers require.

Water treatment equipment and plants

We design and implant water treatment plants tailored to our customers.

Technical projects and legalization

We design the most appropriate treatments for each particular case by analyzing the customer’s needs.

We carry out technical reports to deal with the customer, or as a communication document with public administrations.

Technical sessions

We offer seminars and technical sessions aimed at integrated teams, both from the management staff of the installations as well as from the maintenance or operational staff.

Maintenance and monitoring

Revisions, support and corrective and preventive maintenance of our customer’s installations.

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