Our company

Our history


HIDROTUÏT is a company created in year 2000 with the aim of providing solutions to water treatments. Our main activity is the treatment of consumer, health, pool and industrial water. The service we offer is complete and transversal, from the initial analysis of the water to be treated, the turnkey solution and the accompanying  them as necessary, including design, advice, analysis, implementation, training, product supply, monitoring and maintenance.

We collaborate with international manufacturers to always offer the first level product.

HIDROTUIT has the ISO 9001: 2015 quality certification with registration number  0.04.14241.

Hidrotuit, we are a company accredited by the Generalitat de Catalunya for the prevention and control of the Legionella with registration number 5006CAT-LgT.

HIDROTUIT we are accredited with the quality certificate CertLEGIO, certification accrediting quality by the Aquaespaña Water Treatment Companies Association.

HIDROTUIT is a member of the associations ASOFAP, AQUAESPAÑA i QUIMELTIA, being the most representative of the water treatment sector.

Adapted to new technologies

All of our products / services are adapted to the latest technologies

Commitment to the environment

We treat our projects in a sustainable way and thinking about environmental health

Problem solving

We evaluate the problems and generate responses effectively to give the best solutions to our customers

Customer service

We manage the needs of our customers in an optimal way

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